Generate Token Without Login in Esiknife


Check file as recruiter

example NTY5YzFiMmIxODU5YjFjY2JjMzI1Nj

Next changes to do in sometime 2021, too much work now in RL with COVID-19 to do so

Purpose of Esi Knife?

Replacing Jack Knife functionality, Replacement in web for evemon, 90% jack knife and the control of the expire dates of my accounts and yours.
  • Do u have a demo ?

  • Esi Knife have one token to make experiment. For the whole Website i do a video.

    You need eNter your chars to get some meaning. By the way i took a little time to do this seven minute video ( ) of the matrix comparations Esi Knife made Possible. The Dream Team Module, auto select and remove of the view the characters that are, by the algorithm, redundant.

  • As far i know, Never has existed in Eve Online api / crest / tools other project capable to do a comparison between groups of chars, who have what skills, dream team, and manual control of expires date.

  • Maybe this is a simple proof of original work, and for me the redundant auto filter, and the green dashboards, are really more useful than the esi knife function.
  • Design decisions

  • If you have panels defined, you get a control panel of roster. if not, you get the html page
  • We dont store the content of the last 50 mails, is data heavy and can be a vector of attack
  • The generated htmls / token are erased daily in cycled of 15 days lifespan
  • If your are anonymous When you generate a Knife 1/30 chances to your data saved in database to test and quality purposes and normally erased if debugging is active in less than 4 days
  • What I should to do to use it ?

  • Well, if u know only the old Jack Knife functions, NOT NEED REGISTER. if you want The other, simply do this:
    1. Create an account here and give a valid email, must specify Game identity (your admin controller, in game pilot to contact), you must activate the account with a code you get in @email. Please do not use hotmail / live / outlook, normally they block emails of this type.
    2. Enter in the submenu add character and auth each of your chars, one for one. Please Note first time you must indicate the email of the first step to link the pilot to the email account (it is not id / vcode of xml / api, now only your email)
    3. repeat step two until no need more chars
    4. Return to, enter with your account created in step one, and create one or more evepanel . Think in it as a three char groups, you can put an alias (example, mineraccount one, miner account two). The system show your evepanels on its own.
      • remember You can edit your chars in esiknife, for binding pilot1,pilot2,pilot3 to your panel in the account style we use normally in the launcher
      • You can edit manually the expiration date of each panel or eve account.
    5. Enjoy !
    6. The system is not updating currently each char, you can update manually the step one (in the main menu when you looged), and check with the last update you got. I dont auto refresh token because people dont want Jack Knife updated, and my server dont want the stress of refreshing Journal/ transaction and all the queries that follow.

  • What exactly EsiKnife show ?

  • In each panel / account / character
    1. attributes
    2. skillqueue
    3. skills (check, no planner)
    4. standings
    5. assets (first 5000)
    6. Industry jobs (how many running?)
    7. Planets (where are u?)
    8. Wallet
    9. Location
    10. Myship

      For an EVE API Jackknife Replacement

    11. Journal
    12. transactions
    13. Pilot Contacts
    14. Notifications
    15. Corp Story
    16. Read Mail subjects (first 50)

  • TO DO
  • Check % of users using evepanels and maybe change the email for another auth of the main
  • Clarify Missiles in One Page

  • /universe/stations/{station_id}/ (using SDE)
  • Why three websites of esiknife ?

  • AS THE DOMAIN SITE SAY, THIS SITE IS ESI KNIFE. Now we have Other people are calling itself Esi Knife. You can check the Eve Online forums, and dates. This Site want do the ONE PAGE of Jack Knife, and stay simple. As an extra we do matrix character comparations and control accounts times.
  • why dont use the CCP Proof of concept ?

  • um, if u are talking about For me ask Too much scopes, was made as a proof of concept by one CCP developer but i have problems when notifications = 500. Both works by pulling your data, and making it available via a shareable URL. Anyway you can use the proof of concept if your know python and docker or if you like more that look.
  • Do u plan use bootstrap Inside or jquery?

  • I dont think So. The green hover content is very light in kb, and jquery is not. Using Bootstrap is an option, but i am traveling much for work reasons and is not a priority for now
  • Why not docker / composer

  • I am programmer by job, heart and desire. I am very surprised of the complexity of the actual solutions to many problems, I Try to follow the standard KISS (keep it simple stupid) and avoid frameworks. Because the target user is similar to me, a people who can put without problems a shared hosting , i try to do some simple, without the complexity of docker / composer for no programmers. And, Hardening Docker is not easy. I suggest you read the links here Security problems of docker
  • Do u plan to put the source code in Github?

  • No. I dont decide yet where, but Github is not an option. In first place gitflow is not the only one revision control Method. I am using the TRUNK REVISION METHOD when i am the only developer, as this case and use for the milestone versions the last 25 years for simple reasons. i am using the Trunk Development Model (next question you can see what is it) or check this link What is trunk development model ? In Real Life i am a contractor and my main customer dont want Use github because Microsoft owns it now. Because i can use the time as i want in their offices. If I use Github I will only get problems when the client sees that I do not follow the rules and policies of authorized software.
  • What is it and Why someone use Trunk Development Model?

  • Check this link What is trunk development model ? In few words is the idea of have a revision control based on single files, and that simplify you the backups. Other reasons are
  • When a customer ask you for a copy of the current branch, is easy give him a zip/tar/lzh with the code. I love people burn cd or writing External hard drives when they have only gits.
  • Second reason is the non trivial task to access Internet at decent speeds in rural Mexico (many factories of my customers are 250-600kms of main cities, with copper lines),
  • and third is backups. If you need download versions of utilities as spacemonger or executables (pdf adobe installers etc), is better to use Trunks instead gitflow.
  • Other possible reason are Single point of failure, in the gitflow model you need a good internet connection to get the code or put the code. If you are in a beach or in the middle of Puerto Escondido Beach in Oaxaca and someone need an urgent feature (new SAT requeriments for invoices, as example) or in Tapachula, Ciudad mante, San Martin Texmelucan you go to hate the need of a development machine with GIT and a decent Wifi Connection. In my house i am in a cooper line in one of the safest buildings i am lived, but my max internet speed is 3.85 megabits per second.
  • Some of my customers have less than that for SCADA procedures in paint mixing machines, or electric ballasts.
  • You are thinking in modern buildings, not in milking farms of cows, goats and buffaloes to make cheeses. Development in real life is not always in beautiful places. You have to be in places with poor internet connection and those can be the critical places for a business to work. There you must make the changes, not dream of a Wifi connection.

    Your version control and deployment process must be RESILIENT and fault-tolerant and simplify backups. Gitflow is NOT in circumstances like the ones I mention.

  • Examples of case uses of trunk instead gitflow

  • A customer has problems with Angular 2 about something that you did in angular One. You arrive, you check the database for differences, you see that it is the same, you ask the customer for their deliverable of which you have your copy on the internet, you take them backup of the current disaster, and in less than three minutes of the backup you have the problem solved, your check waiting, and the employee of Angular 2 and MEAN saying that it is not fair that they pay you more. Personally, I love new generation programmers based on buzzwords, because thanks to the problems they cause in non-optimal situations, I not only earn money as a developer but solving disasters.
  • A Developer related to a partner in a small software development studio was given levels of Git / sourcesafe server administrator / revision control. He do a stupid mix, nobody know what happen, but dont work. And they call you because you know action script (and reality was ASPx the problem, nothing complicated) have to fix a quick problem by having Swipe blocked in a catering wedding service using the software and you have to put another payment gateway ASAP. It will take you hours to find when the problem was. You take out your Trunk from the cloud, half an hour later you upload a new github / bitbucket that accepts paypal, you deliver your trunk and a file that you modified, and you let them fix their own disaster but you take a few hundred dollars.
  • Any project where the code you make is confidential, or does not change much, the use of gitflow has more problems than benefits, use better Trunk Development.
  • Any project where there are several developers with write access and suddenly the dependencies are replaced by a merge in wrong place. Gitflow is safer while fewer people can give merge. Check out Joel's on software and the twelve steps. Sometimes you can not trust your development to have a live copy on another git server or rollback to correct broken composer dependencies in some previous merge.
  • Almost any Hardware project. You have a SCADA project related to cheese mixture acidity in the process of preparation and the acidity hardware meter is the problem. You have a paint mixer where the lead meter is failing or the temperature meter and you will not produce exposure to lead or throw 30 thousand liters of paint. Active a manual procedure and any manual procedure that requires quick changes in software because of Hardware, can not depend on gitflow or internet speed. It is all or nothing. You keep your job or thousands of dollars are lost and you get a scolding of those for not foreseeing the problem.

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